Each child’s final report equally states his achievement in the fields of Academics, Sports and Co-curricular Activities, and we consider students getting credits in these three fields to be our best achievers.

Considering that confidence and creativity, supported by a strong sense of responsibility and initiative, are the core factors leading to success, we value, and give priority to interactive learning and the involvement of our students in all activities.

Therefore, along with our academic curriculum based on the British Curriculum, we also give a lot of importance to Physical Education, as well as co-curricular activities. The academic curriculum is divided into 3 stages, corresponding to the intellectual development of the students. Each stage ends with a specific evaluation, assessing the capacity of the student to start the following stage.

At Key Stage 1, emphasis is given to English communication skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Mathematics, Urdu, Social Studies, Islamiyat and Physical Education are also taught as separate subjects. All other subjects are conveyed through various activities and projects.

At Key Stage 2 & 3, the weekly timetable of students from Class 3 to 8 contains the following subjects: English, Urdu, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Islamiyat, IT, Art, Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming and Library.

Introduction to the Punjabi Culture is done in class 7 & 8, when students take it up as a subject. In order to enhance the confidence of our students, each section has also a yearly drama workshop included in the regular time-table.

End of Stage Assignment Key Stage Classes Age Group
English and Mathematics 1 1-2 6-7 years
English and Mathematics 2 3-4-5 8-11 years
English, Science and Mathematics 3 6-7-8 11-14 years